Shave His BeardI’m making a habit of introducing you to satires aren’t I? HAHAHA, this beauty is about beards, and namely how shaving one off can be quite dangerous! The protagonists of this song and story is a band, appropriately, called “The Beards”, and it discusses the potential dangers of what happens if you allow others to influence your shaving decisions.

All of these guys are sporting monster beards by the way, and look quite grungy. So lets talk about that for a second. If you want to grow a beard out properly, you still have to maintain it right. If you let it loose, you will end up looking like a hobo Jesus and nobody will respect you for that. On the other hand, if you use a beard trimmer, you can create majestic works of art.

Here is what I do. The first thing I do, is completely shave off my entire beard. Yes, that is right. I do this to start fresh, because I like for my beard to grow evenly. I do this by using a traditional blade and hot soap, and try and get the smoothest shave possible.

Afterwards, I monitor the length of my beard and apply something called “beard oil”. If you aren’t familiar with that, it helps your beard grow out and stay healthy, which is very important if you want your hair to not look like beaten dust bunnies. Finally, once it gets to a particular length, I will use a set of shears and beard trimmers to angle my beard in an appropriate manner. This doesn’t always work out the way I want to, and if you are trying to grow a beard for the first time, you might run into some issues as well. However, its an epic look.

The song itself is a satirical work of art. There are guitars, a harmonica, and other wind instruments going to town while the vocalist is singing away, creating a perfect “drunk mans” song for those interested in singing in bars or lounges. I like the rhythm of the song and think that it goes along great for the audience as they can sing along.

Survival Knives and The Knife Game Song by Rusty Cage

knife songA neat new song which is making its rounds on youtube is an audio track by Rusty Cage, about playing the “Knife Game”. If you don’t know what the knife game is, your actually either in luck, hang around smart people, or are not dumb as a box of rocks. This game involves using a fixed blade knife quickly poke at the empty spaces between your fingers. If your into Rambo styled knives, you know exactly what I’m talking about. You do this by opening up your fingers as wide as can be, and then stabbing at those spaces in a random manner.

Pretty stupid, huh? By the time Rusty had finished singing the song and using the knife, he had stabbed himself several times! Anyways, if you ARE stupid enough to try this, I would be smart doing it. Yeah, makes no sense, but here we go.

First off, make sure that you use a fixed blade knife. Rusty didn’t mention it in his song, but if you used an OTF knife or a foldable knife, not only are you going to be a lot less accurate with your strokes, but you are likely to end up messing up and stabbing yourself from the knife opening up or closing. The second tip is to not be drunk! I’ve seen friends doing this at parties and such, using a pen, and they mess up, constantly. Third, make sure that your knife is dull. Yeah, I said it, don’t use a super sharp knife unless you want to be rushed to the hospital in a gurney.

As for the song itself, its extremely short but like most silly songs, is very catchy. It describes the method of using the knife in order to play the game, and it rhymes perfectly and also very funny. Another aspect of the song is the instrument being used, which is a guitar. Guitars or the instrument of choice for comedic songs because it allows them to tell stories while at the same time the audience can hear the instrumental enough to become fixated on the rhythm.

Overall, its a great song and well done by Rusty Cage. A lot like the Gun Song by Steve Lee, this is pure satire at its finest.

Best Ear Protection for Shooting? “I Like Guns” -Steve Lee

best ear protection for shootingJust got done listening to a ridiculously funny music video by Steve Lee. In the video, Lee sings about how he “likes guns”, that is it, that is the premise of the song, and its catchy! Throughout the video, Steve is seen shooting off a ton of guns, including rocket launchers and old fashioned mafia style tommy guns! He likes his guns “big or small”, which is clearly evident.

One of the things that didn’t escape my attention, is that Stevey is wearing a hearing protective headset. If your looking to protect your ears from loud noises, you have to wear strong active earmuffs, and Steve was smart to wear them. When I was young, I went hunting a lot and hurt my hearing, I know wish that I had used earmuffs and protective headsets in order to help prevent that from happening.

Another feature to the music video, are the lack of scopes. Most of the guns he is using do not require scopes, however he is using several that do. One of those guns are a colt m4a1, an assault rifle. These are also commonly called AR 15′s, and the best AR 15 scope is one that has been tested in the field and is properly sighted.

Your sights are also very important when you are shooting a rifle. I prefer red dot sights, and the best red dot sight is one which has a proper amount of lighting and can be adjusted. Why use red dots? The advantage to using these over other types, is that red dots can be seen both at night, and during the day. This is important because when you are shooting, you don’t always have control over ideal lighting conditions.

Aside from the video itself, lets talk about the song. Its boring and repetitive, but also incredibly catchy because of its simple to use words. Another factor clearly in its favor, is that it touches on a topic which is being very heatedly debated across the United States. For those who “like guns”, this may be a song that they can rally around and sing together! All in all, not really my style of song, but it might be for you if you like guns :)

Camouflage, by Brad Paisley

Camouflage by Brad PaisleyCamouflage is the name of a song, which was written and sung by American country singer Brad Paisley. Released in October 2011 and the final song from the album “This is Country Music”, “Camouflage” is basically a novelty song which directs praise toward the idea of camo.

In the song, Paisley talks about using camo on a friends car, about camo prom dresses and tuxedos, as well as for its more practical purposes, like hunting. At the end he even references pink camo wedding rings. The song is meant to be a bit satire and comical.

The song was a hit or miss, with some critics such as Roughstock giving it high praise, while other individual critics like Kevin Cayne missing the point of the song entirely, and giving the song low marks. Its reception as a whole was quite high, because of the popularity of Brad, but at the same time it never quite cracked the top 15 on the country music chart, which is a big deal for a Brad Paisley song, which normally cracks into the top 5.

My own personal view of the song, is that it clearly missed its marks due to the vocal tonality and the wording. Paisley is typically very light with his words, and while the song was very energetic, it wasn’t as chirpy as you would expect from a song that is a play on words. The humor just wasn’t there for me, as the focal point of the humor seems to be that camouflage should make you invisible. In other words, aside from the great singing, there was no central theme or plot to the song.

So, overall, I give the song “Camouflage” – By Brad Paisley a C. Its well played, its got great highs and lows and the vocals are great, obviously because its Paisley, but the point of the song is horrible!