Camouflage, by Brad Paisley

Camouflage by Brad PaisleyCamouflage is the name of a song, which was written and sung by American country singer Brad Paisley. Released in October 2011 and the final song from the album “This is Country Music”, “Camouflage” is basically a novelty song which directs praise toward the idea of camo.

In the song, Paisley talks about using camo on a friends car, about camo prom dresses and tuxedos, as well as for its more practical purposes, like hunting. At the end he even references pink camo wedding rings. The song is meant to be a bit satire and comical.

The song was a hit or miss, with some critics such as Roughstock giving it high praise, while other individual critics like Kevin Cayne missing the point of the song entirely, and giving the song low marks. Its reception as a whole was quite high, because of the popularity of Brad, but at the same time it never quite cracked the top 15 on the country music chart, which is a big deal for a Brad Paisley song, which normally cracks into the top 5.

My own personal view of the song, is that it clearly missed its marks due to the vocal tonality and the wording. Paisley is typically very light with his words, and while the song was very energetic, it wasn’t as chirpy as you would expect from a song that is a play on words. The humor just wasn’t there for me, as the focal point of the humor seems to be that camouflage should make you invisible. In other words, aside from the great singing, there was no central theme or plot to the song.

So, overall, I give the song “Camouflage” – By Brad Paisley a C. Its well played, its got great highs and lows and the vocals are great, obviously because its Paisley, but the point of the song is horrible!

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